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Shamrock Farm 

Fancy Poultry and Icelandic Sheep

Buff Laced Wyandotte

The Buff Laced Wyandottes here are Shamrock Farm are from my own line. I have spent a couple years creating this color, and now am in the stages of making it 'perfect' in my eyes, the way that I want a spectacular Buff Laced Wyandotte to look like through my eyes. These birds are a true Buff Laced, not to be confused with the 'Splash Laced Red' color of Wyandotte which some call 'Buff Laced'. The hackle feathers are Buff instead of the Gray/Blue-ish color of a Splash colored chicken.

In 2017, I am using my 2 favorite Buff Laced Wyandotte boys for breeding, and working on making the breast slightly lighter on the boys. The females are a nice even buff color, but the males are a bit too dark of a gold in the chest and wings(in my opinion - and being the original creator of this color in the USA, I would like to see the males a bit lighter even shade of 'Buff'), by fall of 2017 this slight color issue should be fixed.